MLB Electronic Pitching Machine $43.17 Shipped

MLB Electronic Pitching Machine $43.17 Shipped

Spring training is well underway in the big leagues, but if you've got a Little Leaguer who's eager to get playing this may be just the thing you need. The Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Pitching Machine is on sale for $43.17 at

It's like having your own mini batting cage right at home! And while it may be small, this electronic pitching machine is getting great reviews. It comes with 6 balls but can hold up to 9, can be easily adjusted for 3 different angles, and pitches every 7 seconds. One thing to consider though is that it only takes plastic balls.

With all this extra practice your little slugger will be hitting home runs in no time!

There's no need to worry about shipping, it's free with this purchase.


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