Free Shipping On $20 For $20 & $50 For $50 Coins Free Shipping On $20 For $20 & $50 For $50 Coins


The Canadian Mint is finally offering free shipping on coins I can get behind. Receive free shipping on the $20 coins for $20, and the $50 coin for $50 from the Mint.

These coins are really special in that their face value is equal to the amount you are paying for them.

Now you can pick up the lovely Bobcat (2014) for only $20 and get free shipping. The other coin currently available is the Canada Goose (2014) also with free shipping. There will be two more released this year, as long as the Mint keeps on schedule (they are somewhat notorious for releasing coins late). However, these coins are selling very quickly: the Canada Goose is already 93% sold out.

If you plan on buying all four of the $20 for $20 coins this year, you might as well sign yourself up for The 2014 Silver $20 for $20 coin subscriptionfor $20 which includes the first coin (Canada Goose). You will be auto-billed and auto-sent each of the next coins as they are released.

The $50 for $50 Fine Silver Coin - Polar Bear (2014) is also included in this free shipping offer. He is an absolute beauty and a coin that retains his value no matter which way the silver market goes.

For other free shipping offers, check out the free shipping page.

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