Milestones Canada: 3 Courses Only $32

Milestones Canada: 3 Courses Only $32


Grab a reservation at your local Milestones this Valentine's week and you'll only spend $32 a person for a three-course meal. Your date will think you splurged and you'll know you saved. But you might still get lucky.

I think Valentine's evening is the busiest time for restaurants in the entire year. I used to work as a waitress in a fish and chips restaurant and beyond Good Friday, we were slammed on Valentine's Day. You can do a little better than fish and chips this Love Day, so try Milestones. I am really not a lover of chain restaurants. I love restaurants with a house chef who changes up the menu often, cooks from fresh and nothing is cookie cutter. But - I do really like Milestones. My husband is in love with their burger and I could eat their different versions of eggs benedict every single day.

So, for $32, you'll get a three-course meal, which consists of one appetizer to share, your own entrees and a shareable dessert. I love the sharing part, it makes it that much more romantic (if you don't fight over what to get). For us if we decide to go anytime between February 10th and the 16th, we'd get the chorizo mozzarella fritters (which would be hubby's choice), I'd get the top sirloin and he'd get the prime rib and for dessert we'd share the break up tub, because, wow, it looks so good!

Wine bottles are also $5 off during love week at Milestones or you could get one of their amazing delish signature bellinis for only $7.

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