Microsoft Office 365 Home from $71.10 or Home & Student 2016 $107.10 (Student Pricing) @ Microsoft Canada

Microsoft Office 365 Home from $71.10 or Home & Student 2016 $107.10 (Student Pricing) @ Microsoft Canada

Going to school is hard work, but struggling with a program that isn't the original Microsoft Office program can be difficult and frustrating to work with.

There may be some free options available for basic needs but I have to say they don't go where you go, on all your devices like Microsoft Office does!

The Microsoft Store Canada has a limited time offer where anyone can buy Office 365 Home for $20 off. The regular price is $99 per year, but with the $20 savings you would be paying $79. It's a one year subscription and is well worth it to go hand in hand with studies.

You can purchase it for even less if you're a student, teacher, or faculty by combining a stackable discount of 10% off. I'm pleased to see that Microsoft even has elementary schools (and up) listed as qualifying schools to receive a discount.

This means that the Office 365 Home $79 offer suddenly now becomes only $71.10 for students.

You'll then be receiving 28% off of the original retail price. I love that this is offered for students of all ages because early education is so important in building the basics! Plus, the more our kids know, the more they can teach us.

Don't you hate it when the resident tech in the house is asleep and can't help you?? (Hey, she's only 6 years old, she's allowed to go to bed at a reasonable time!)

The Office 365 Home program as mentioned above has features that can go between all of your devices such as computers, tablets, notebooks and cell phone. Talk about handy!

The Office Home & Student 2016 is a full version program and is $30 off. The regular price on this is $149 per year. With your student discount stacked however, the price is $107.10! On this product you'll also be saving close to 30% on the regular price.

There's no doubt about it, Microsoft Office is the best office program out there and they keep changing it up as technology advances. Heck, they pioneered the technology for pc's!

Users of the Microsoft Office 365 Home program also get to have 1 TB of Cloud Storage and 60 minutes per month of Skype calls. Hey kids - don't forget to call home! Your Mama and Papa miss you already. ;)

These programs are downloadable since it is 2016. It's the way it goes!

Make sure you choose the right OS (operating system) for your download. I've provided links for the more common Windows OS systems program, but you will quickly find your way to the Apple Mac section for downloads for your Macs, from the above highlighted links.

When you first hit 'buy it now' you'll see a pop up now asking if you are a Mac user. Head over there if you are!


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  • cnidarian

    Just wanted to throw it out there, that Office 365 is actually FREE for post secondary students that are enrolled in certain schools. All you need is a personal school email address to see if your school is one that qualifies for this offer.

    • Eryn

      Definitely worth a try! Great tip, thanks for your input!