Microsoft Canada: Upgrade from XP and get $100 off, 90 Days Support and Free Data Transfer with new Computer

Microsoft Canada: Upgrade from XP and get $100 off, 90 Days Support and Free Data Transfer with new Computer


The sky is falling and XP is dying! Take advantage of OS death and upgrade with Microsoft Stores!

If you haven't heard, I'm very, very disappointed in you. Windows XP support ended a few days ago. That means the thirteen year old operating system that you're using is no longer supported. No more updates, no more tech support from Microsoft, no more illusion of security. It's all gone. And you better believe if I was a black hat hacker, I'd be furiously working to release a virus to wreak havoc on Windows XP computers. Steal information, hold files ransom, crash systems. I highly suspect that this will happen and you know what? Microsoft doesn't care. They aren't going to help you when you get in trouble.

Thankfully they will help you upgrade to Windows 8. Right now if you buy a new PC at you can get $100 off, 90 days of free support and free data transfer. That last part, for normal users, is huge. All the info on your computer will be transferred to the new one automagically.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. The $100 off in only valid on computers or Surface Pro 2 tablets over $599. If you are going to one of the few Canadian bricks and mortar Microsoft Stores, you need to bring your XP machine to trade in.

(Expires: 15th June 2014)


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  • Rod
    For those who DO upgrade from XP to Windows 8, they will most likely find Windows 8 to be a truly terribly frustrating experience to use. In order to get in on the tablet market, Microsoft implemented a touch interface ON TOP of their existing Windows 7 operating system, which as you can imagine, mixes poorly between both the touch and classic desktop systems (which remains as so even if your PC does not have touch capabilities.) For those who wish for a system that closer resembles XP and that is still supported, Windows 7 is a much better alternative, and even Windows Vista (which is sadly more resource hungy and less stable) is even closer to an XP environment (and still supported).