Mermaid Swim Fin $68 @

Mermaid Swim Fin $68 @

Doesn't every little girl pretend to be a mermaid when they are swimming? This Finis Pink Mermaid Swim Fin is going to be your kiddo's dream come true. You can grab it for $68 at - but other Canadian retailers seem to have it for $85 and up

The Finis Pink Mermaid Swim Fin has great reviews and I am sure you can see why the kids would love it. The hook and loop strap allows it to fit shoe sizes 1 - 7 and it comes in a fun pink colour.

Other moms have said that this fin has helped improve their child's swimming skills - and that all they wanted to do was swim! Swimming is a great outdoor way to exercise and keep cool. Doesn't it beat staying inside and playing video games?

Think I could pull off using this myself at the beach? I just need a clam bra!

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