Back to School Laptop Deals + Free Laptop Bag Back to School Laptop Deals + Free Laptop Bag

Bring your laptop to school in style and don't break the bank to do it! Which magical wizard is doing this for you? Why, its Memory Express and the wise old Bargainmoose!

There are 30 laptops on sale here so make sure you check them all out and get what it best for you. Here are a few of the deals available:

Shipping on orders under 100lbs is $4.99.

There is just about every possible configuration of laptop (except maybe the really high and really low end) available on this sale. AMD? It's here. 13"? It's here. Samsung? It's here. Deals? Yeah, they're here, too. It can get really expensive to buy new computers especially if you have more than one kid who needs/wants one for back to school.. You can get into the "well she got a new laptop, why don't I get one?!" arguments real quick. Or you could be like me and my wife who seems to always need to upgrade at the same time. Sales like this can cut down a $2000 computer bill to under $1000.

And if you add on the cost of a good laptop bag, let's say on average $65 per bag, you're looking at even more money. That brings us to the other part of this deal. The free bags they are offering include backpacks, messenger bags and some really cool looking Transformer branded sleeves. Here are some of my favourites of the nine available:

These are all fantastic cases. I am partial to the Asus Vector Backpack but I've always preferred backpack style cases. That being said, those Razer Transformers Sleeves are really, really cool. I like the Megatron one, personally.

Whichever laptop/case combo you pick, you're sure to get a fantastic deal, so pick one up before they sell out!

(Expires: 15th September 2012)


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