Mom Lifehack! Digital Forehead Thermometer Now $33 (76% Off!!) @

Mom Lifehack! Digital Forehead Thermometer Now $33 (76% Off!!) @

Moms, Amazon has a solution to the unpleasant rectal thermometer! Take your child's temperature without touching them, with the MeasuPro Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer, currently 76% off, going for just $33. Originally this thermometer was $134.99. While I would not purchase it at the original price, the $33 sale price is a steal.

If you missed it in the title this thermometer reads your child's temperature on your child's forehead, without touching them. You can do so in any position, your child can even be sleeping! How great is that? No need to wake them up to check on their fever. This device is fully approved by the FDA, so you know it works. I also like how you avoid getting germs on the thermometer, since the rectal thermometer which are currently recommenced have to be carefully washed with every use.

I wish I had this handy thermometer last week. My son was sick with strep troat, and taking his temperature seemed like an impossible task. Moms, you know what I'm talking about. The kicking, the screaming and you just feel so bad, but you have to make them take their medicine, and monitor their fever in order to make them feel better.

Act quickly, because this is selling out fast! This deal is already 60% claimed at the moment. Shipping is free since the thermometer is over $25.

(Expiry: March 17th 2016)


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