MDG Computers: Free Laptop When you Take Products on Finance

MDG Computers: Free Laptop When you Take Products on Finance

If you've been considering a new computer, laptop, games console or TV, but are a little short on cash, there is always the option to take the product out on finance. And when you finance any product online at, they will give you a free dual core laptop with the deal.

About them:

MDG Computers is Canada's source to finance high performance Laptops, Tablets, Desktop PCs, HDTVs, Gaming Consoles, and Accessories in Canada.

MDG state that you can get financing from $0.49c per day. Obviously, that will depend on what you're buying, and your credit rating too. But, before you take out this deal just to get the free laptop from MDG, make sure you read the small print on the credit terms. It's likely that you're going to be paying quite a bit of interest - so don't take this deal out just to get the freebie. It's only really worth it if you were planning on getting something on finance anyway, and the free laptop is just an added bonus. Research and think about the deal before you sign up.

Now, personally, I am not the biggest fan of taking items out on finance, but I know that sometimes it can't be avoided! This month, I've got a lot of bills hitting all at once, as we're in the process of buying a new house. Things like car insurance, house insurance, DIY bills, new appliances... they're all going to be hitting us within the same 28 day period. I don't usually take finance myself, but I am planning on getting the appliances on finance, just to take the edge off all the bills.

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  • mark w.
    There is no free laptop/tv if you request the free promo item an extra $400 to 500 is addedto your bill. Check the contract carefully
    • Chrystine Y.
      I was wondering how much your monthly payments are for a laotop
      • Anna W.
        Chrystine, check on the MDG site please :)