McDonalds Canada: Free Coffee!!

McDonalds Canada: Free Coffee!!


There's one word I really enjoy hearing - FREE. You can offer me free stuff any time you like. I'm more than willing to use it. And if it is a free beverage of some sort, that's even better!

Starting today, you can get a free cup of McDonalds coffee during breakfast hours! You must be there between 5am and 10.30am on weekdays, or before 11am on weekends. So if you're driving to work, you might as well stop in for your free coffee!

I'm not sure about the restrictions for this offer, but I don't even think that you have to make a purchase there! If it was me, I probably couldn't resist a sneaky egg McMuffin at the same time. They're probably doing it just to get people in to their stores to spend some money, as the coffee must cost them next to nothing.

I am not the biggest coffee fan in the world, and I know McDonalds probably isn't your idea of a gourmet drink. It's no Timmies… but it's free!

The deal is valid between the 16th and the 29th of November 2009.

Thanks for the pic deryckh!


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  • Connie
    It's much better than Timmy's!!!!!!!
    • Connie
      Have you tried McD's coffee lately? It's so much better than Timmies!!!
      • joy
        They have definitely improved over the last several years. I agree, better than Tim's. McD's is actually opening coffee windows in their rest, in Europe and are competing with Starbucks.
        • Karen H.
          I tried your new coffee on Sat. Nov. 21. First, they did not get my order right - I asked for double milk and the darkness of the coffee looked as though there was less than one full shot of milk or cream. I asked for artificial sweetner on the side, and had to ask twice more at the pick up window, The young lady did not seem to know what that was. What I did not ask for was just about the worst coffee I have ever tasted - but that is what I got. If you don't believe me, I would be happy to send you the full (less 2 sips) cup that is still in my car.
          • Anna
            No thanks Karen, perhaps you should contact McDonalds.
            • Maureen
              McDonalds coffee is much superior to Tim's and their portion sizes are also what one expects. Tim's has slipped considerably in its flavour and portion sizes have become smaller!!. Tim's medium size coffee is like a McDonalds small size. Everyone can get a coffee order wrong. McDonalds doesn't have a monopoly on making mistakes on orders.