Mastermind Toys Canada: BOGO $15 All Boogie Board LCD Tablets

Mastermind Toys Canada: BOGO $15 All Boogie Board LCD Tablets

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Mastermind Toys Canada has a great deal on right now that is perfect for kids who are camping this year or traveling. When you buy one Boogie Board LCD Tablet at full price you will get a second one for just $15.

The regular price of these Boogie Boards LCD Tablets is $39.99, so by getting a second one for just $15, you will be getting $25 off the second Boogie Board.

There are five different colours to choose from and other than the colour, they are all the same.  All of them have an LCD tablet surface and a stainless steel stylus included.  They are super light and thin and are 8 inches long. They are durable and shatterproof, making them the perfect gift idea for any child.

For me, this deal is perfect because I have two kids that fight over anything new that comes into the house.  At a fraction of the regular cost, each of my boys can have their own tablet for this summers road trips and camping trips and it is much more productive than just watching a TV screen on the back of a head rest in the car.

Kids can draw on the or do homework on them without the added mess of markers, pens and crayons.  Additionally, you wont have the messiness of random papers floating around in your car because it is paperless. Just the board and the pen that is included (that clips right on so you don't lose it) is all you will need for hours of entertainment for your kids.

I suggest spending just $5 more on your purchase to get the free shipping.  The free shipping minimum is $60 and this deal will come to just $55 so it is worth it to get one small item with it and avoid the cost of shipping.

(Expiry: 29th June 2014)


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