Marshmallow Flip Open Sofas for only $40 @ Walmart! (Frozen, Paw Patrol, Dora etc)

Marshmallow Flip Open Sofas for only $40 @ Walmart! (Frozen, Paw Patrol, Dora etc)


How cute are these flip-open sofas from Walmart? They’re priced at $39.96 but they’re very difficult to get anywhere else at this price! You can choose from a range of popular characters, including Paw Patrol, Disney’s Frozen, Dora the Explorer and more.

There are a few to choose from, with some really memorable characters. Here’s a quick list to show you what I mean:

There are some customer reviews on a few of these mini-sofas, with the most comments on the Disney Frozen one. The majority of comments are along these lines:

I purchased this for my one year old great granddaughter and she LOVES it.

This item worked well for me, my grandchild loves it. She is able to carry it around the house.

Sounds great! There were some people stating it wasn’t long enough – but it is only a mini-sofa designed for kids aged between one and three, so I wouldn’t be expecting a HUGE item anyway!

As for deals elsewhere on these cute kids’ sofas, it’s hard to find them in stock anywhere else. There was a similar deal from TRU on the Paw Patrol sofa, but it was out of stock online and can be hard to find in-store anyway. There are a few sellers offering them for $80+ at too.

What about shipping? You’d need to spend $50 or more online at Walmart to get free shipping on one of these items. You could collect locally, but I’d recommend just buying something else to meet that free shipping threshold.

I am on the hunt for Paw Patrol deals for Christmas, as it is ALL my daughter is talking about right now. She’s five years old, and she has fallen in love with that show. Even my two year old is running round shouting, PAW PATROL! PAW PATROL!

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  • Kayla
    I was just in Walmart and the size of these are a bit deceiving when you see the online listing as they seem fairly cheap quality and quite thin, compared to what they look like here. I am also on the hunt for PawPatrol items for my 5 year old daughter who is currently obsessed with that television show and figure my wanting to get her more Disney Princess and Fairy stuff this Christmas may not fly. My 5month old son will probably like PawPatrol as well later on, but sadly I won't be purchasing this particular product when only one kid will barely fit on it.
    • Anna W.
      OMG my five year old has just started going on about Paw Patrol too! I was almost finished my Xmas shopping and hadn't bought ANYTHING Paw Patrol though... it's back on the list!