MapleStory: Free MMORPG + Free Blue Dragon Adventure Pack

MapleStory: Free MMORPG + Free Blue Dragon Adventure Pack

Millions of people already play MapleStory, but you, the player uninitiated to MapleStory, can get the jump on all those jerks by getting your free Blue Dragon Adventure Pack when you sign up!

MapleStory is a 100% free MMORPG that has been around forever. Well, eight years actually. I think it's been ten years in Korea, but eight in North America. That's why Nexon, the company who makes MapleStory, is giving away the Blue Dragon Adventure Pack. It's kind of a birthday celebration. They just celebrated opening a new server (I think) last month with the same deal. Joystiq has all the info on the pack if you want to read it there, but this is the bulk of it.

This adventure pack includes customization coupons for face, hair, eye color, and style, as well as a set of Maple items that boosts your character's stats. Pet accessories are also included, as well as the coveted Blue Dragon pet.

The Joystiq article has a couple of cool videos you should check out as well.

The game is very popular among anime fans, or rather, many of its fans are also anime fans, so if you're into that soft of thing, you should definitely check it out. Of course, non-anime fans will still enjoy it. It's very fun and quite addictive. Maple story is a completely free digital download game.

(Expires: 31st July 2013)


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  • ravefirell
    Just to inform you this offer expired last month. Also the image you used is from an anime called Magi and it has nothing to do with the MMORPG MapleStory.
    • Shawn M.
      The people at Nexon and Maple Story seem to be under the impression that this offer is still going on as is evidenced by my having gotten the Blue Dragon Adventure Pack this month when I signed up for a new account and by their website which clearly states: "NEW PLAYERS! Jumpstart your adventure with our amazing Blue Dragon pet and adventure pack when you sign up before July 31st!" You can view this information first hand via the below link: As far as the MapleStory-Magi image, the two brands launched a crossover effort last month which gave Japanese players of MapleStory some Magi inspired accesories. You can view the report on this in the news section of the popular Anime viewing platform, via the link below Thanks for your comment and remember, BargainMoose loves you very, very much.