MangaMagazine: Get your Manga Fix for Free

MangaMagazine: Get your Manga Fix for Free

I recently found a website that will certainly reduce the amount of money I spend on Manga! It is called! There you can read amazing Manga for free.

Now you may think the artists are getting ripped off, but they aren't. MangaMagazine sponsors manga artists to release their manga the website. Some mangas update quite often, some update once a month, and others not so often. You can find amazing work on there.

Why this place is good for bargain hunters:

  • Manga is popular, especially for teens
  • Manga books usually cost around $10 a piece
  • On MangaMagazine the manga is free to read, and reread
  • you can make a favourite comics list - kind of like a bookshelf
  • They have some real quality work available

If you are planning to check out the place, be sure to check out some of my favourites:

There are also a surprising number of Canadian artists on the website. The author of SIN hails from Calgary, Alberta. I actually met him at the Fan Expo Vancouver.


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