Easily Monitor Your Kids' Wi-Fi Access with Disney Product!

Easily Monitor Your Kids' Wi-Fi Access with Disney Product!

I would love to be able to properly monitor my kids' screen time on their computers and tablets. Some routers have limited and difficult capabilities of turning off Wi-Fi for specific devices but are not nearly as clever as Circle With Disney which you can buy exclusively at Best Buy.ca for $119.99 after saving $10.

Circle With Disney easily pairs with your home's Wi-Fi network so that you can manage each internet-connected device in your home. Create profiles for each family member, set daily time limits on apps and devices, and filter out specific content that's not suitable for kids.

It gives you the option of pausing or disabling internet access for all users in your home in an instant!

I'm all over this one. As much as I love electronics, I think it can be beneficial for families to have this device.

How important do you think it is to set limits on kids' electronic devices?


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  • mtlmom

    Best purchase!  Great tool for controlling the internet used by my kids!  user friendly.

    • Eryn

      Thanks for your input mtlmom, it's great to hear from one who already has one!