Mabels Labels: Loot Bag Label Combos

Mabels Labels: Loot Bag Label Combos


Mabel's Labels is presenting their first ever Loot Bag Combo. You get a set of labels for only $5, with a minimum order of 6... So it works out to $30 for a combo. These are great for birthday parties or to add to a gift. Or if you have several children, you can cover them all!

Each set includes:

  • 1 Bag Tag
  • 5 Sticky Labels

Additional sets can be added in multiples of 2 for $10.

Don't forget to use the BargainMoose's exclusive coupon BARGAINMOOSE to get an extra 5% off your order.

Though not a 'traditional deal' I posted this because often people are looking for alternatives. You want to host a birthday party for your kid, but you want the party favours to be something useable, not something that will get thrown away within a month. Or... you have several kids (and a mate) and you want to label everyone's stuff but getting individual label sheets for everyone is just too expensive. Get a loot bag combo!


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