Luvabella Dolls on Sale from $48.97 @ Walmart

Luvabella Dolls on Sale from $48.97 @ Walmart

Remember Luvabella? These were some of THE most in-demand toys a few Christmases ago, and they had the price tags to match. But now, Walmart has 'em on sale!

I was browsing their Rollback department this week and found something pretty incredible: Luvabella dolls from $48.97.

Let's just think about that for a second. These dolls sold for well over $100 when they first came out, and some stores in Canada still have them priced as high as $149.99.

So I'd try and scoop up one of these Luvabella Blonde Hair Baby Dolls for $48.97 while you still can! You'll have to shell out a little more cash if you want to order Brunette Hair or Dark Brown Hair versions, but they're still well worth it at $63.97 each (down from $129.92).

All these dolls look and act like real babies. They move, talk and play, and as they "grow" you'll even hear their baby babble transform into a hundred different words and phrases!


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  • Leanne R.

    got it :blush:

    • Trina R.


      • Leanne R.

        great deal, couldn’t resist along with the other 100+ dolls she has

        • Jennifer R.

          I feel like Kinsley would love this :thinking:

          • Trina R.

            it’s a great deal $100 off

            • Jennifer R.

              I will have to check it out. Kinsley's newest thing is carrying babies around everywhere lol

              • Jennifer R.

                It says for ages 4-7. I wonder if that's true

                • Trina R.

                  I doubt it, I would assume like any other doll

                  • Justine D.

                    did you get Tensley one?!

                    • Judy H.

                      Is it just me or are they creepy. My daughter wants one but I can’t do it. I feel it will attack me when I sleep. Lol

                      • Amanda P.

                        no, but I should. Thanks!

                        • Rhonda O.

                          Jennifer Rose my daughter has one and LOVES it. I got mine for $28 in the states on Black Friday. Only reason I grabbed it and it’s worth it. The doll is pretty darn cute and very real.

                          • Amal C.

                            Judy Hunting we have one. I still think she will lmao

                            • Amanda B.

                              lmao how I felt about the doll

                              • Kimberly D.

                                we have to boy AND girl. But yes def creepy hahaha