Would You Try the LUSH Toothpaste Jellies?

Each of their five different flavours sells online for $8.95
Would You Try the LUSH Toothpaste Jellies?

By now, you've probably realized that LUSH makes some pretty wild bath and body-care products. They came up with a bath bomb that's shaped like a fidget spinner, after all, not to mention body washes that are completely package-free but still shaped like bottles. And who could forget those eggplant emoji treats ...?

But I'm here to tell you about one of their wackiest inventions yet: Toothpaste Jellies. They're closer to standard toothpaste than the Toothy Tabs you might have seen on their shelves or even used – but I have to admit that seeing toothpaste in a little jar is, well, jarring. They come in little 55g tubs, and there are five different flavours to choose from, including White Fang, which is closest to the minty Crest you probably use now.

Instead of squeezing a little 'paste onto your toothbrush from a tube, just dip your dry toothbrush into the jelly and scoop out a bit. Add water, then brush just like normal! All of these jellies are vegan, and this is an awesome chance to try out flavours you'd normally never see in the wild. Each little tub sells for $8.95, and you should be able to get many uses out of 'em. And how can you beat a name like Plaque Sabbath?

I'd highly recommend purchasing one jar per family member, so nobody ends up spreading germs around. But since each one is a different colour, you can just buy different flavours, and everyone will know which is theirs. For a limited time, LUSH Canada is offering FREE shipping on orders of at least $40.

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