Lush: BOGO Free Holiday - Boxing Week Sale

Lush: BOGO Free Holiday - Boxing Week Sale


This is one of Lush's most extraordinary offers... buy one holiday item, get one free. Buy one holiday gift or pre-wrapped gift and get one free. Max of 10 freebies per order. Fabulous!

Certainly a wonderful time to stock up on all those Holiday favourites that are only around this time of year! Here are some examples of pre-wrapped gifts you might want to team up together:

And for the big time lush lovers:

Wow.. that is a lot of free stuff.. and there are tons more gifts and individual products that are BOGO free.

How to Order:

Add any in-stock holiday item or soap, pre-wrapped gift or year round pre-wrapped gift to your shopping bag. During the checkout process a drop down menu will appear and you can select the free holiday item or soap of your choice of equal or less value.

Only the first 10 holiday items, soap, holiday gifts or year round pre-wrapped gifts in your bag will be matched with free product(s) so add products in order of preference.

If an item in your bag sells out before you checkout, the next qualifying item in your bag will be matched with a free product.


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  • Avigayil
    It is a MADHOUSE on Lush right now. Took me 40 min to place an order. So many gifts already sold out.. and their checkout wasn't working so hot either. What is also annoying is their receipt doesn't say what products you got... and it was the free product button that was giving me issues. >.<
    • Rhonda
      I'm SO glad I went to the sale in-person. While it was crazy at the store, I can't even log onto their site. Also, they don't answer the phones on Sunday, so you can't even bypass the online site by doing it the "old-fashioned" way.
      • Avigayil
        I think I will do that next year. :-)
      • Sally S.
        I used to order from the lush sale every year but this time the site is lagging something terrible.
        • Avigayil
          That is why the 40 minutes to order.. I had already picked out my combo!! It was horrible getting into it.. just horrible.