Lunapads Promo Code: 15% Off $35+

Lunapads Promo Code: 15% Off $35+


I recently blogged about a sale at the little Canadian boutique, Lunapads Canada. They've actually been kind enough to give me an exclusive promo code for the Bargainmoosers!

Click here to use the Lunapads promo code online

  • Promo Code: LUNAMOOSE
  • Discount: 15% off orders over $35
  • Expires: December 31st 2010

The above promo code will get you a 15% discount as long as you are spending $35 or more. Lunapads is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, and they ship Canada wide. The tag-line is “eco positive periods,” selling eco-friendly ladies hygiene products, such as Lunapads, Diva Cups and more.

Lunapads was first brought to my attention by mooser Dora. I will repeat her comments in here as they are quite appropriate:

Lunapads are a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual pads. The company also sells other great menstrual-related products such as Lunapanties and the Diva Cup. I’ve used Lunapads for around 10 years now together with a Diva Cup… I’m very eco-conscious so this is a product that I feel really passionately about!



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  • Avigayil
    I am rather eco-concious.. I re-use, recycle, donate and am an avid kijiji user to re-people-cycle stuff I don't need or use anymore. However, this just makes me cringe. I have read their site and contemplated about this both from an eco-view and from a frugal-view... eco of course very sound, and from the frugal view, your making an up-front investment which might save money on those monthly instalments for tampons and pads you go through. But the thought still makes me cringe. I am a tampon person and the idea of emptying the diva cup gives me shivers.
    • Roaring R.
      I disagree-- I thought it might be disgusting but after discussing with my preteen daughter we agreed that it would be better for us and the environment. I made the plunge and bought some lunapads for me and the divacup, and for her some lunapads. I like the divacup so much that I don't bother with the lunapads....! But, my daughter really likes the pads. My 2nd daughter has just started her cycle, so thanks to the above coupon, I've just ordered her a set of her own lunapads as well. I'm really grateful for the extra discount, because, as you can see, they can be quite expensive. I wholeheartedly appreciate these products and if I just had the time, I'd even attempt to sew our own, but, who's got time for that! :) Best of luck in your contemplation of these products!
      • Sara
        Thanks for the code! My sister and I both used it to save a ton. I'm REALLY happy with the products. I got the Diva Cup and some lunapads. The pads are sooo comfy. And the Diva cup is sooo much better than tampons. I'm going to order some more pantyliners for backup with the Diva Cup and for light days. Give these a try! Feel soooo much better than regular pads and tampons.