Lunapads: 15% Off Starter Kits and Heavy Flow Starter Kits

Lunapads: 15% Off Starter Kits and Heavy Flow Starter Kits


Haven't mentioned Lunapads in a while: but they have an excellent deal going on I felt amiss not to mention. They are offering 15% off their starter kits and heavy flow starter kits. This is a great way to get all the basics you need to become an eco-friendly menstrater. As a side note, they are also offering the DivaCup on sale for $4.49 off the regular price.

TheStarter Kit is reg. $71.99 and is now $61.19. The Heavy Flow Starter Kit is reg. $79.99 and is now $67.99. Each kit gives you 4 pads and 8 liners.

I recently introduced my Mother (yes, some women talk to their mothers about such things) to Lunapads. I did it an easy way, I gave her a pad and 3 liners for her birthday, told her to try them. My mother is the open minded sort so she did. Within a week I got a request to order more... and she was busy estimating how many she would need and talk about how they were so much more comfortable, they breathed, the plastic wouldn't ruin her underwear anymore, they might help with her yeast infections... etc. It was like optimism for a better period was restored. I felt like I had actually made a difference in her life, was great.

Additional savings note: Sign up for their newsletter and get a $5 off $35 coupon. Combine it with the above promotions!


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