Lumbar Support Pillow $24.64 @ Amazon

It's a lightning deal, so be fast!
Lumbar Support Pillow $24.64 @ Amazon

Working from home without the right equipment can prove rather painful. If you're back is suffering then you need one of these Lumbar Support Pillows. Amazon have this one on a Lightning Deal, so if you're quick you can get it for just $24.64.

Lumbar Support Pillow

The Lumbar Support Pillow is designed to give your back the support it needs when you're sat in an office chair or even in the car.

It's made so that it eliminates stiffness and tension in the mid- and lower-back area. region. It's contoured shape ensures your posture is always correct.
These are usually much more expensive, and this one is a bargain. Like most others on the market it's made from 100% memory foam.

Shipping is free of charge for you Amazon Prime members, or those of you spending $35+ on eligible items.


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