Lululemon Boxing Day Sale 2017

Lululemon Boxing Day Sale 2017

It's almost that time of year again, that's right: the Lululemon Boxing Day Sale 2017. They haven't announced how deep those discounts will be for this year's sale, but we're expecting more of the great deals we spotted last year.

I'm an avid Lulu fan but I'm also a bargain hunter so I wait for sales like these to make purchases. I usually always find one piece that I can add to my collection. They have really expanded their target market over the years and Lululemon isn't only for yogis anymore. It's for athletes, runners and outdoor enthusiasts. I know that even some of my friends love their sweaters and pants just to wear while relaxing.

These were some of our favourite deals for 2016:

  • Fluffin Awesome Vest with real Goose down is an purpose of a vest: to keep your core temperature up. It's available in five colors (black, green, pink, grey and blue) and there are lots of sizes left. It was $169.00 and went down to $89 during last year's sale.
  • Zone In Tight were originally $128, but were reduced to $39
  • Divinity Ear-warmers, reversible and insulated with Merino Wool that is treated to repel water and stains, originally $38.00, it was reduced to $19

Check back again soon, because we will be posting all the best deals at Lululemon's Boxing Day sale right here.


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