Lowes Canada: Pond Liner Only $70 (Was $140)

Lowes Canada: Pond Liner Only $70 (Was $140)


Thinking of putting a koi or other pond in your garden this year? Plan ahead and get an Angelo Décor International 700-gallon pond liner from Lowes for only $69.50, was $139.99.

I've seen a number of people with ponds in their yards and I think they are great. They add a decorative touch you can't beat - with actual water and living things living inside of it. If you want to bring nature to your yard, a pond is great for small backyards and larger properties. This liner will hold up to 700 gallons, but it is customizable so you can make your pond whatever size you'd like. The liner is approximately 6' x 11'.

Low maintenance, weather resistant and durable for even Canadian winters, the liner will last you years. Totally important is that this liner is fish safe, so you won't find your fish belly up because of some harmful plastics in the liner.

It is 50% off, which makes it a substantial savings, especially if your pond has a smaller budget.

Picking this item up in store is your best bet, as it is free pick up, but the shipping is $75.

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