Lowes Canada: Gas BBQs & Grills on Clearance

Lowes Canada: Gas BBQs & Grills on Clearance


With the nicer Spring weather we have been finally getting, it has made just about everyone I know want to BBQ.  We go for a family walk around dinner time and all you can smell is the fantastic scent of grilling in our subdivision.  If you are in need of  new BBQ or grill, check out the clearance deals at Lowes Canada.

There are 10 different BBQs to choose from.  Some are gas BBQs and some are grill, but all are worth checking out.  We have a great BBQ and it is a staple for us through three of the four seasons.  If it is nice enough, my husband will even BBQ in the winter time.  Not only is it healthier because all the fat drips down, personally, I just think BBQ tastes better than the frying pan or oven.

Here are a few of the clearance deals you will see:

We originally bought a smaller one and upgraded within two years.  We cook so often outside that it was worth it.  If I had to suggest one, I would suggest a gas BBQ if you have the hook up.  We have a propane one now but the convenience of the gas hook up and that perfect cooked taste that comes with it would be nice.

You can get these items shipping for a cost, or you can order it and then pick it up in stores for no charge at all.

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