The Baby Savings Event @ London Drugs Canada

The Baby Savings Event @ London Drugs Canada

Guess what's back? The Baby Savings Event (also just called the Baby Event) is happening now at London Drugs, and things like diapers, toys and baby-feeding gear are on sale!

And if you have a little one (or even if you're expecting or know somebody who is), there are a few deals that are too good to miss.

We all know how expensive diapers and baby wipes can be. But if you buy Pampers, this 96-pack of Swadders Size 1 is $7 off – and even little savings like that can really add up.

Even select baby toys are marked down, including the VTech Pop-A-Balls Centre, which you can get for $39.99 from $49.99. Baby Banz Earmuffs are also $10 off, and that's just the beginning.

Things like strollers, cribs, formula, breast pumps, pacifiers, baby oil and body lotion are also on sale – but only until this event ends on May 8. Shipping is free on most orders over $75.


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