Meet the Latest LOL Surprise Makeover Series Dolls!

Meet the Latest LOL Surprise Makeover Series Dolls!

Every year, it just seems like LOL Surprise dolls get bigger and better. Well, now they're adding a few new friends to their Makeover Series – and they'll be in Canada pretty soon.

The LOL Surprise Lils Makeover Series and the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets will be in stock early next month, but you can already pre-order them at Toys R Us Canada:

The LOL Surprise Makeover Series is all about transformation, and these look like some of the most fun LOL dolls yet – because you can actually keep playing with them after the big unboxing.

You can pre-order both of them now for an expected shipping date of April 8, 2019, which means you'll get them in plenty of time for Easter. And this time around, you might unwrap a pet, a lil sis or even a little brother! If you're looking for something you can receive right away though, don't forget that the original LOL Surprise Makeover Series dolls, #HairGoals are in stock.


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  • Veronique P.

    une nouvelle bébelle LOL... montre pas ça à ta fille lol