Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50, $20 from $33 (40% Off) at Amazon.ca

Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50, $20 from $33 (40% Off) at Amazon.ca

We have small wireless portable speakers here and there around the house, but often they aren't charged up and ready to go. The charging cables that come with them are usually designed to be used with a low trickle charge cable that you hook to your pc, so unless you drag your laptop or drag it to the desktop pc to charge it, you're tough out of luck.

That's why I am going back to the basics. This is a speaker by Logitech that you plug in any time you want power. You won't be taking this one outside, or in the car, etc. But you will be leaving it beside your bed, or laptop, ready to plug right in to whatever device you are using - phone, tablet, laptop.

Click here to purchase the Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50 at Amazon.ca!

Bluetooth and wireless can be great, but along with that, there can be disconnects and 'crackle.' The sound you get from this will be incredible. It may be only 10 W of peak power, but it really packs a punch. You have to read all of the positive reviews on Amazon.ca! The speaker owners are raving about it!

This speaker was on sale for $24 last week, (I know because I had my eye on it then) but for only $20 now, that is a 'must-put-in-my-cart' sort of deal!

Logitech has proven in our home to be a reliable and high quality brand, and this speaker will further add to our enjoyment of Logitech products.

With Father's Day around the bend, this gives me an idea! I might have to buy one for my dad now, too.

Shipping is free on orders over $25 at Amazon.ca on eligible products so in this case, it is much better to top up your order to over $25. Keep in mind that Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on this item. It's free to try out a 30 day trial, there is no obligation, and if you decide not to continue, you can easily cancel online.

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