Logitech G27 Driving Wheel For $260 @ Tigerdirect.ca

Logitech G27 Driving Wheel For $260 @ Tigerdirect.ca


Right now at Tigerdirect Canada, they are offering the Logitech G27 driving wheel for only $279.97.

The price at Tigerdirect is $279.97, as you can see above. But as Avigayil mentioned in this previous Paypal post, if you pay with Paypal before the 31st December 2010, they will credit your account with $20, making the G27 wheel only $259.97. Bargain-licious! UPDATE - note on the Tigerdirect site that the paypal cashback offer now semms to have been cancelled early.

Though the G27 is out of stock at many places, just to price compare elsewhere: $350 at Best Buy, $370 at Futureshop, $344 at Newegg.ca, and $330 at NCIX.

You might think this is pretty expensive for a console accessory, but it's a very popular device! I was trying to decide between the G25 and the G27 wheel, as my other half wanted one for Christmas. I ended up going for the cheaper G25 model. But we've been so busy over Christmas that we haven't had the chance to use it yet!

Also, if you are wanting to use these wheels with certain games, have a google and check for compatibility - they're not compatible with all racing games. This particular wheel can be used on your PC or PS3.


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