Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes Day 4 - Win a Wireless & Bluetooth Mouse (CLOSED)

Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes Day 4 - Win a Wireless & Bluetooth Mouse (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Dave!  ***

Here were are at day four of our popular Lenovo contest. Today we've got a very fancy and fun dual mode WL touch mouse with wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. This mouse is worth $59.99.

Great for people who do presentations, it has a laser sensor for very precise tracking. You don't have to do presentations to enjoy all of the features this mouse offers either!

I wish it had a scroll wheel. Other than that, i like it. I used the laser pointer to amuse myself with my 7 and 8 year old that apparently turned into cats and started chasing it up the wall and all around. The design is nice, easily syncs to Y400 laptop, smooth operation. Only negative (I ordered a new with a one) is there's no scroll wheel.

As you can see, you can have fun with kids and cats too!

If you'd love to have this mouse for yourself, then you can enter below for your chance to win, or pick one up from Lenovo, using our exclusive coupon code to get it for only $34.99, which is $25 off! Use code BGNMSWBTM to get your discount.

How to win this prize?

Would you use this mouse for work or play (or both)? Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 5th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


Reply to
  • Karen
    Would use it for everyday use...looks cool
    • robyn
      Wow, that's a neat looking mouse. I have a laptop and get pretty tired of using the pad....and it's getting worn out!
      • Alan
        Just work. It looks like binoculars.
        • Sandy
          Pretty funky looking mouse, I would use it for work just so I could have people come by and comment on it ;)
          • Margaret H.
            I would use this at home. I looks so cool I would hope the grandchildren wouldn't think it was a mouse and would leave it alone....
            • CalgaryCaper
              This would be great for traveling with work. And for giving presentations as well!
              • D
                I would use this for both work and play. I used to have a wireless mouse, but it konked out on me :(
                • Steven
                  Interesting looking mouse, i would use it for play at home.
                  • sandra
                    I would use this for play and a little work.
                    • darci
                      Definitely use it for both!
                      • Irene
                        I would use this neat looking mouse for both work and play. It's a cool looking mouse.
                        • Mike
                          I would use it for some work but mostly play!
                          • David
                            I'd use it for play especially handy when I need to click on a lot of web pages when looking on bargains on Bargainmoose.ca.
                            • Katy
                              Definitely for work. The laser pointer would help out during presentations.
                              • Christine
                                I would love that mouse for doing my grad school work! Right now I use my trackpad on my laptop for all my graph and presentation making, but this mouse would definitely make doing those things a lot easier and ergonomic!
                                • Irene E.
                                  I would use it for both work and play !
                                  • Jennifer L.
                                    I'd use it for both work and play.
                                    • Sue
                                      Oooh nifty - both work and play here :)
                                      • Brandy
                                        We would use it for play.
                                        • Maria
                                          I would definitely use this for work - I teach and my last presentation pointer went missing!