LEGO Round Storage Box Was $16 | Now $9 @ (EXPIRED)

LEGO Round Storage Box Was $16 | Now $9 @ (EXPIRED)

LEGO is not just a toy for building cool things, it is now a really cool storage option for adults and kids alike. I found a sweet deal on this LEGO Storage 40300673 Round Storage Box 1, Light Blue. Originally $15.99, this storage box is on sale for $9.14 sold by and shipped from Amazon Canada. Any Prime Members can get this shipped for free or else free shipping is a minimum of $25.

I like LEGO and I like the way this LEGO Storage box is shaped. It looks like the head of a LEGO figure without the face on it. Keep in mind that only the light blue model is on sale for this price. You will pay several dollars more if you want to buy this round LEGO storage box in any other colour.

Speaking of other colours, your next best choice is the pink one on sale for $12.55. If you must have two colours or two different coloured boxes, then that is your next best choice. Personally, I like the idea of not paying more than $10 so blue is the colour for me.


You can use these storage LEGO boxes to store LEGO, other building blocks, toys, arts & crafts, and anything else you could imagine. They open up towards the top so you can really stuff these full of goodies. You could even use a container like this instead of wrapping paper for Christmas. Just place your child's gift inside and close the LEGO storage box. This way your child cannot see what they are getting AND they can reuse the 'wrapping' to store their own toys.

As an adult, I am constantly looking for cool storage solutions and LEGO Storage is a pretty great option. If you are tired of 'adult' = 'boring' then repurpose these LEGO round storage boxes for your own use.

These sweet round storage boxes are a great Christmas gift either on their own or as wrapping for another gift. Amazon Canada is known for changing their prices at a moment's notice, so pick up this deal while it is still on sale.

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