Buy Individual LEGO Pieces Through Pick A Brick

Buy Individual LEGO Pieces Through Pick A Brick

The only thing more frustrating than stepping on LEGO is opening up one of your older sets and realizing a piece is missing ... and that's where LEGO Pick A Brick comes in.

This program lets you purchase individual LEGO bricks, minifigures and design elements to complete your existing kits or help you build whatever you can imagine.

Here's how everything works. Just head to the Pick A Brick page of the LEGO Canada website. There, you'll see more than 1,400 different LEGO pieces that you can shop.

Prices start at just a few cents per item, and you can filter your search by category, colour family, brick name and even element ID to help you find exactly what you need.

Window frames, tires, fences, plant parts and gates are all included – among plenty of other LEGO pieces. Pick A Brick will track all the items you select, so you can compare bricks and map your project out before you buy. When you do, just remember that orders over $35 ship free.


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