LEGO Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015!

LEGO Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015!


*** UPDATE - post now has more LEGO Black Friday deals and discounts below ***

LEGO! Here at Bargainmoose, we just LOVE the popular building toy. We’re on the lookout for LEGO deals all throughout the year, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled even more for LEGO Black Fridaydeals in this coming week. Some of these deals have already started and we’ll list a few below, but we’ll be watching for more LEGO deals and updating this post on the 27th November 2015 with more information!

Where to Find LEGO Deals in Canada

From my own extensive experience in deal finding, you can really best find LEGO deals from what I like to call the big three:

Amazon LEGO Deals

Here's a quick selection of what is on offer for Black Friday 2015 @

Walmart LEGO Deals

Chapters LEGO Deals

Not much on offer at Chapters, just a few things:

We do sometimes see LEGO bargains from other stores, but it’s the above three which seem to give the biggest discounts and best deals overall. Why just this morning, I highlighted this deal where you can save up to 50% off LEGO Friends items @ Amazon – that’s still ongoing already sold out. When Walmart started their Black Friday preview sale, we saw an AMAZING deal on the large box of 1500 LEGO pieces for only $40 – but it did not last for long at that price!

We’ll be scouring these stores on a daily basis and adding the best LEGO bargains to the Bargainmoose site.

More LEGO Discounts & Deals

We will also be keeping our eye on these Canadian stores:

Deals now available at Toys R Us Canada:

More stores:

We find that the deals aren’t often as hot at these retailers, but sometimes a really good deal pops out and we’d highlight it and let you know.

The LEGO Store

Now, there is a Canadian facing storefront of the LEGO store online and it sometimes has good deals.

First up – the sale items. These are a few of the items that are discounted in the Black Friday sale:

The LEGO Store is offering a pretty AMAZING gift with purchase on all orders of $99 or more. They will be giving this limited edition LEGO Gingerbread housewith your purchase. I think it’s worth around $10 US, but you cannot actually buy it separately as it’s a promotional item and only available in this Brick Friday sale.

Are you buying LEGO?

Is LEGO on your Christmas list? Are there any specific items or ranges that you want to buy? Please comment below and we will help you find the best deals in Canada!



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  • Paula
    I buy from the Lego Store online all the time. I have never had to pay duties and shipping is free over $99.
    • Anna W.
      That’s good to know Paula! They do state there is the possibility of duties, but great you’ve never been charged!
    • Mel
      I want Canadian Lego people like shown above! ;) We're going to try and find a deal on some of the super hero Legos this Christmas. Have yet to come up with one, but fingers crossed!
      • lamariposavioleta
        If any of the advent calendars are left and get marked down… Also the new Elves line and of course, Star Wars!!!!
        • lamariposavioleta
          Also, just fyi, there are sets at Costco for pretty decent price This set is reg. $89.99 and costco has it for $69.99 And this one is reg $24.99 and is $19.99 at costco I bought both for my nephew (Christmas and nest birthday, taken care of!!)
          • Anna W.
            Thank you, I will add some to the above post!! :)
            • lamariposavioleta
              No problem, my pleasure!!
              • lamariposavioleta
                Also those were in store, not sure if they are online…and there were still plenty in stock when we were there today.
          • Danielle
            Star Wars Lego!! Of course my son wants the Lego that literally never goes on sale...
            • Annie
              I'm looking for a specific Duplo Mickey Mouse set for my 2 year old. I'll be checking the lego shop online and amazon.
              • Faye
                I called the Lego store online when first ordering from them years ago. They said the increase in prices covers the duty and taxes we would be charged. I doubted it but after placing numerous orders over $100 each I believe it now. Their prices have all extras built in. I am one who always ALWAYS gets hit with duty and fees when doing US ordering, no possible way I got lucky that many times ;).
                • lamariposavioleta
                  Lego sale at toys r us in live now!!!! its just the few from the flyer, but its 40% off a star wars set, a super heroes set and 2 lego movies sets…and they aren't small!!!
                  • Anna W.
                    I see the Star Wars one but there is no stock :(
                    • lamariposavioleta
                      I managed to grab one but they were out of stock by midnight
                  • daniel
                    you can order any lego kit thru the lego store if not in stock and have it delivered to your house for free and no duties. just ask at the till.