Leghuggers Deal @ Babygrins.ca

Leghuggers Deal @ Babygrins.ca


Yesterday I posted a handy coupon code for free leghuggers if you just pay for the shipping from Agoo. And Babygrins.ca, another little Canadian boutique has tweeted me with one of their latest special offers on the same items.

Babygrins is offering 4 pairs of leghuggers for only $20. You must use the coupon code FreeHugs to get free shipping.

You can compare the deals and see if you are interested in buying. For example, yesterday's deal from Agoo means you can get 1 pair of leghuggers for $8 shipping. But today from Babygrins, if you would like 4 pairs, you would be paying $20 in total, so that's $5 per pair.

I don't have any leghuggers for my little baby girl yet... but it's something I plan on trying when she's a bit older!


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