Le Creuset Today Only Le Creuset 3.3L Cast Iron French Oven 60% Off! @ Hudson's Bay

Le Creuset Today Only Le Creuset 3.3L Cast Iron French Oven 60% Off! @ Hudson's Bay

For some reason, I always think of the incredibly talented late John Ritter, (who played Jack Tripper on Three's Company) when I see Le Creuset cookware. I bet he would have loved using this cookware at Jack's Bistro!

Le Creuset has been a classic for generations and is ideal for one-pot recipes and slow-cooked hearty stews. It is the true jewel and benchmark in cast iron cookware. Le Creuset cookware is heat resistant to up to 500 degrees F! If you know someone who is an aspiring chef, this is the perfect gift for them. This cookware evenly distributes heat, so foods will be more tender and flavourful. The interior enamel resists chipping and also cleans easily.

Today, May 3rd only, Hudson's Bay is having a sale on the Le Creuset 3.3L Enamelled Cast Iron French Oven. It is selling for 60% off, for $160, down from $400! You can select blue, or red. Both look stunning!

The rest of the Le Creuset products are reduced in price today at 30% off, so you might want to check some of these out.

The Le Creuset Cast Iron Cleaner for $17.50, down from $25, will help to polish and preserve your Le Creuset cookware. Rarely would you find this item on sale, so it's definitely worth adding to your cart to maintain your Le Creuset cookware!

Isn't this the cutest? This Le Creuset Trivet is only $19, down from $27. These silicone trivets are ideal for placing dishes of hot foods of up to 382 degrees F. There are so many different colours available and the hook to hang them up puts it within easy reach in the kitchen or allows you to display them decoratively. How pretty would a rainbow of them look against the backdrop of an all-white kitchen?

Shipping is free on orders over $99!

(Deal expiry: May 3, 2016)


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