Kwikpix Canada Cheap Photo Prints

Kwikpix Canada Cheap Photo Prints


Just a quick post to let you know about digital photo prices from Kwikpix Canada. From now until the end of May 2010, you can print 4x6 digital photos for only $0.08 and the 5x7s are only $0.10!

To get those prices, you must make a minimum order of at least 50 prints, which isn’t too bad. I think this is one of the best deals on digital photos I have seen in quite a while.

Just a note on shipping – it varies depending on how many prints you order and where you live. For example, if I were to order 300 4x6 prints, it costs $0.01 per print for shipping – this seems reasonable enough!

So if you have a load of photos which need to be printed, this could be a good excuse to hunt through them all, find the gems and send them to be printed!

I have thousands of photos on my PC, and I have only ever printed out a few of them. I have really been meaning to buy some lovely albums and print out all the best pics... it is time consuming though, as I want to decide which to print, rather than just print thousands in one go!


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  • Kris
    Not a bad deal, but has their 10 cent promo starting next week. It is unlimited ( and no minumum) in store, ready in an hour and no shipping.