Krispy Kreme Canada: Buy One Dozen Get the Second Dozen Only $0.77 on July 11

Krispy Kreme Canada: Buy One Dozen Get the Second Dozen Only $0.77 on July 11

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Krispy Kreme is celebrating their 77th birthday and in celebration, they have incredible deal happening.  Head into your local Krispy Kreme Canada store tomorrow only, and when you buy a dozen doughnuts, you will get a second dozen doughnuts for just $0.77.

This dozen doughnut deal will be available the entire day of July 11th from open until close all all locations across Canada.  You will be able to choose any flavor of one dozen doughnuts that you would like for the first dozen.  The second dozen is already chosen for you and that is the original glazed.  Original glazed just happens to be my personal favourite, along with a lot of other people.

The second dozen of doughnuts for just $0.77 total, is the equivalent to paying about $0.06 per doughnut. That is a crazy good deal!  I am envious of the cities that do have a Krispy Kreme because we no longer have one in Calgary, so I won't be able to get this deal.

There are so many different flavours to choose from for your doughnuts, but two of them are new and really stick out to me.  The first one is called their brownie batter doughnut.  It is a chocolate brownie doughnut with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles.  The second new flavour that has me drooling already is actually a limited time only one that they have in honour of their birthday.  They are calling it their Birthday Cake Batter doughnut.  Do I really even have to explain why this one looks so good?  Cake batter + doughnuts = yummy!

While you are there, you may want to checkout their specialty coffees.  They have a huge variety of both hot and cold coffees and drinks to choose from. They also have muffins, bagels, novelty items and more.  They even have a doughnut sundae! Basically it is ice cream on a doughnuts topped with chocolate and all sorts of other toppings.

What flavour will you buy buying tomorrow?

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