Kobobooks: $1 Off Select Titles

Kobobooks: $1 Off Select Titles


So we all know the routine by now, right? Those of you will Kobo readers can go shopping through a list full of books and if you find one you like, you use the coupon we post below to get $1.00 off of it. Thus the book, that was already cheaper than buying in in paper has just become even less expensive.

Click here for this weeks list of books

  • Discount: $1 off
  • Coupon Code: saveone
  • Expires: 25th, October 2010

You have today and tomorrow left to use this coupon.

As a side story, but very applicable to the topic, my husband just left for 4 days for a conference in Ottawa. Before leaving I was surprised when he asked to take my Kobo along with him. Surprised and very pleased, because he will be able to get some use out of it, and I have to say the Kobo I find one of the best things for flying. I'm glad he is taking it with him. Just hope he doesn't break it.  :D


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