Kittencorn $10 USD @ TeeTurtle

Kittencorn $10 USD @ TeeTurtle

Ah, these are the cutest sourpuss looking kittencorns I've ever seen! I'm buying one for my daughter. Usually she's a happy go lucky kind of girl but sometimes she can get a wee bit grouchy in the mornings, if you know what I mean. Kittencorn sells for $10 USD @ TeeTurtle. Orange, yellow and green are still available.

Misery loves company they say, so when she's feeling upset, I have a hunch this cute kittencorn will make her feel like someone is in her corner. She'll always have me in her corner too.

Shipping is $5.45 USD (may vary depending on location) and since it's under $20 USD you won't be charged additional customs or duty.


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