KitchenAid Boxed Grater $11.99 @ Canadian Tire

It grates and stores the cheese!
KitchenAid Boxed Grater $11.99 @ Canadian Tire

It's much better value to grate your own cheese than to buy it pre-grated, plus they add stuff like potato starch to stop it sticking. You need this handy piece of kit. The KitchenAid Boxed Grater is reduced from $29.99 down to $11.99 at Canadian Tire.

KitchenAid Boxed Grater

The KitchenAid Boxed Grater is brilliant for grating cheese, carrots and more. It works like a regular grater but has a hnady container at the bottom to catch the food.

A superbly crafted box grater from KitchenAid featuring a covered container attached to the bottom to catch food while grating or slicing.

The container is 3 cup (740ml) in size and comes with a lid, so you don't have to use all your grated food at once.
The whole thing is dishwasher safe, and the container is both microwave and freezer safe.

Click and Collect the KitchenAid Boxed Grater for free from a Canadian Tire store near you or opt for shipping which is chargeable.


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