This Kikkerland Crystal Waters Your Plants

The prettiest way to forget about your plants for a few days
This Kikkerland Crystal Waters Your Plants

I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't have any plants in my house right now. Somehow, I always manage to kill them within a few weeks ... and it's usually because I either under- or over-water them.

But I just found something that has me thinking I might be able to give houseplants another try. It's a crystal made by Kikkerland that you just stick into the soil – and it's on sale for $17.09!

I've seen a lot of watering globes that you stick in your outdoor gardens, but this is one of the first ones I've found that's made for potted plants you keep indoors.Just place it in the soil, and it will slowly release water for three to four days. And since you can see when it's empty, you'll know it's time to fill it up again.

It seems pretty perfect for people like me who can never remember if they watered the plants that day or not. And since each one holds enough water to last for three to four days, you don't have to worry about your plants the next time you're gone for the weekend. This crystal will take care of them for you!

So far, is the only place I've seen them in Canada. These crystals usually sell for $18.99, but you can pick one up there for $17.09 while supplies last. Shipping across the country is free when you spend $35.

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