Kijiji 101

Kijiji 101


Ever heard of this thing called Kijiji? I thing it is a fabulous tool for bargain hunters everywhere. It is not just for used items, you can buy brand new items... Say that someone ordered online that was final sale, and gift cards, as well as services. You can also sell your stuff via it as well. I have been a fan of Kijiji for a long time, but along with the good their is some bad.

The Bad: The main way Kijiji fails is in the consideration of people. People agree to meet to exchange money for an item, a party doesn't show up. That is the single largest complaint. It isn't a failure of the technology or the website, but of the people using it. So you may have a few no-shows, but don't let that deter you.

The Good: Kijiji is amazing for recycling. Don't need something, sell, or even give away. Need something but don't want to pay retail price? Kijiji is in almost all cities in Canada, a convenient resource for in person buying and selling.

My successes: Wow, this list could go on forever. I have sold tables, lamps, textbooks, books, DVDs, iPods and a headboard through Kijiji... and more! I have bought a bedroom set (2 dressers, mirrors, end table, headboard), textbooks, adopted a cat, adopted a dog (which then my father adopted), bought various home furniture items, and an iPad through Kijiji (and more...).

Example of a good deal: My 16gig wifi iPad cost me $480 with apple case and apple camera attachments included. Came with original receipt. To buy from Apple with the $5 recycling fee and tax included would have been $549 + $5 + $45 + $35 = $634 + 5% gst = $665.70 Big difference.

How to get the price you want as a seller: Set your price higher than what you expect to get for it, and included OBO in your post. If I list something for $100 I expect someone to always try and get it for $80.

How to get the price you want as a buyer: Don't lowball, you annoy sellers that way. Offer a fair price, and be aware of what your willing to pay price is. For example: If someone is asking $100 for something, I am willing to pay $90, I think I might be able to weasel it out of him for $80... but I don't want to risk loosing the item... I will offer $85. Also, If the post says firm, don't try and haggle.

The experiment: I am attempting to do something via Kijiji I have never done before, buy gift certificates. Many things run through my mind... primarily: How do I know they haven't been used?  I will let you know how it goes. Should happen in the next week. Was going to happen tonight, but the buyer never showed!


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  • StevenM
    I would bring a laptop/smartphone at a cafe and check the gift card balance in store before buying it if possible. Most larger stores or retailers have places where you can check the balance of the gift card.
    • SavingMentor
      You should be able to simply call the number on the back of the gift card to check the balance before you give the person their money.
      • Avigayil
        Thanks for the suggestions! I have never seen the back of an itunes card so I don't know if they have a number to call. We are meeting at the front of a hospital and I don't have a smartphone.. yet.. or that would be a brilliant idea! Not sure if their is any free wifi around. :-) I am hoping it is still glued to the insert they come in!
      • Shanna
        there is no phone number on the back of an i tunes card(holding one in my hand right now not on the back of the cardboard they come on either) if the back hasnt been scratched it for sure hasnt been used otherwise you have to go online to check. I have had a lot of success with Kijiji we have sold a car and a motorcycle and bought a second motorcycle on there.
        • Avigayil
          Thanks for the info on the itunes card!
        • Gen
          I love love love Kijiji. We have sold tons of things on there, including my wedding dress, and have made over $3000K selling stuff on there. No kidding. Good luck on the gift card buying!
          • Misfit M.
            I bought all my daughters baby clothes and baby things from kijiji. I spent a small fraction of what I would have if I had bought in stores (I think about $300 total for 2+ years worth of stuff!) AND I was able to resell most of it for close to the same price I paid!
            • You K.
              Some fine advice you've given there! If all buyers used the sensible and measured tactics you advocate here, I'd have nothing to post over at .. :) But, it takes all types. Yes, Kijiji is cluttered with duplicate ads and other rulebreakers and idiots ... but wise buyers and sellers like you make it worth going back. Keep it up, moose!