Kids Character Headphones As Low As $3 (FS @ $25) @ Best Buy Canada

Kids Character Headphones As Low As $3 (FS @ $25) @ Best Buy Canada

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Wow, check out these deals on headphones for kids Bargainmoosers! You can snag a pair of kid’s character headphones for as low as $2.97. Save a pretty penny and grab a few pairs at these prices just in time for the summer road trip, vacation or trip to grandmas you have planned.

Kids love watching movies and playing games on their electronics just as much as we do. The sounds and music from those devices can slowly drive even the calmest of parents insane. The beeps and the random character grunts might just push you over the edge as you drive or fly to your summertime oasis. Luckily for you, I have found some fantastic deals on headphones for kids today, which hopefully will mean a peace treaty for some of your trip. If you have multiple kids, the entire backseat of the van should be happier after you buy these headphones. Look at the deals I have found!

All of these headphones are DJ style with cushioned earpieces designed for kids. Each of them, with the exception of the Cut The Rope Headphones, also comes with an additional speaker that plays music for up to 8 hours. That can be handy when you are on vacation to be able to switch back and forth between a speaker and headphones. I can see that speaker being especially handy poolside when it can be important to be able to get your child’s attention quickly. At these prices, you can also grab an extra pair to replace the pair that will inevitably break mid-summer. I can just hear the tears and the “I did not step on it on purpose” cries now.

Price Comparison

I did a little price snooping around the web. Unfortunately, these exact headphones just are not sold anywhere else. I did find some other comparable character headphones, none of which have a bonus speaker included that most of the sets above include. Toys R Us Canada has a pair of Hello Kitty headphones for kids for $17.99. I found a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kid’s headphones for $19.99 at has a pair of Spiderman kid’s headphones for $23.99. Between $20 and $30 seems to be the price point for most kid’s headphones from my research.


Shipping is free if you spend a minimum of $25. If you grab a couple pairs of these headphones, you should meet that minimum easily. All of these pairs except for the Cut The Rope headphones you are able to also reserve in store free, which means no shipping costs for you. I have done this before at my local Best Buy Canada, and it was a super quick process. If your order does not meet the $25 minimum free shipping, you will pay $4.99 for shipping.

At this price, I am grabbing a couple pairs of headphones and will be stocked up for a while.

(Expiry: 1st July 2015)


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