Kids' Activity Books from $2, Perfect Party Gifts @ Book Outlet Canada

Kids' Activity Books from $2, Perfect Party Gifts @ Book Outlet Canada

Right now is having an extended Mother's Day sale and offering 15% off their entire inventory until Friday. If you've ever visited their online book outlet, you'll know this is a pretty fantastic opportunity to stock up on books for yourself and for the kids. Their already low prices reduced by an additional 15%? Jackpot!

My two kids have extremely active social calendars for such youngsters. We are at birthday parties for their friends pretty much every weekend. My go-to gift has always been activity and sticker books. I love that I can stock up on them when I find a good price and have them on hand for birthdays. They are mostly gender neutral and I've yet to meet a kid under 10-years-old who doesn't love stickers!

Plus, I use them as rewards (bribes?) for my own activity and sticker loving kids! Here are a few great choices at outstanding prices, so you can build up your own little emergency supply:

A couple things to note about—pay attention as you browse, there are quite a few books that are only available in store, though all listed above are available for purchase online. And, several of their books are marked as "Dent and Scratch" which means they are probably a great price, but may arrive in less than perfect condition, which is okay for personal use, but not a great idea if you plan to use them as gifts.

Shipping rates in Canada are $3.99 for shipping and $0.95 cents per item (CDN dollars). So for example, you'll pay $4.94 shipping for a one item order. Still, with the deep savings, you're still going to come out ahead.

(Expires May 13, 2016)


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