KidKraft Wooden Cupcake Set 43% Off @ Amazon

KidKraft Wooden Cupcake Set 43% Off @ Amazon

One of my girl's absolute favourite activities is playing "kitchen" and thisWooden Cupcake Set is definitely top of our most played with list!

Amazon has the KidKraft WoodenCupcake Set on sale for $30.39, which is 43% off the regular price of $53.

It is super cute and is more than just a typical play food set. What I loved about this one is that it's wooden and also acts as a matching set. We used to play all kinds of sorting games with these while working on fine motor skills, as well as our colours.

Making up little activities was so much fun. For example, we'd line up the cupcake tops on one side and the bottoms on the other, then sort by colours or the "toppings". I might ask them to find a green bottom and match it with a sprinkle top or a pink bottom with a pink get the idea. Little games here and there to have fun with them, then they'd play bakery and sell them to their best customers.

This really is a great price and as I mentioned, we loved it!


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