Just Like Home Food Play Toys From $10 @ Toys R Us

Just Like Home Food Play Toys From $10 @ Toys R Us

Raise your hand if you bought your kiddos a play kitchen for Christmas this year!! Guilty! If you haven't yet - then you may want to, but for now there are oodles of Just Like Home food play items and accessories at Toys R Us Canada starting at $10 - trust me I have compared everywhere, and you can't get 120 pieces of pretend food for any less than twenty bucks.

Who can so no to cupcakes? Get the Just Like Home Mix & Match Cupcakes Setfor your little one to play with, and I bet they will be offering up pretend cupcakes all day long. This set is $9.99.

Then the kids will have to go to the pretend supermarket to pickup more pretend food! So get your hands on the Just Like Home Shopping Cart in either blueor pink. The carts are on sale for $11.47 down from $22.99.

For pretend food, this Just Like Home Super Play Food Set (120 Pieces)has to be the best bargain I have seen. You get all 120 pieces of ice cream, eggs, fruit, milk, etc for $19.99 and the kids will have hours and hours of fun with it (especially if they have a pretend kitchen).

Toys R Us Canada offers free shipping on orders over $49, and most of these items qualify for that - woohoo!


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