Franklin Zero Gravity Air Hockey Table Was $150 Now $100 @ Best Buy & Future Shop Canada

Franklin Zero Gravity Air Hockey Table Was $150 Now $100 @ Best Buy & Future Shop Canada


Shopping around for a Christmas gift just got a whole lot more interesting! Here's a unique idea that anyone (kids especially) is sure to like: an air hockey table! The Franklin zero gravity air hockey table is currently $49 off at both Best Buy and Future Shop. Instead of $148.99, you can now get it for just $99.99.

I have to admit that I am beyond tempted to get this deal and it wouldn't even be for my little one's enjoyment as she is, well... too little! Not only would this air hockey table make an amazing gift for kids to play with but also for adults! There's nothing like a couple of rounds of air hockey to loosen the atmosphere, especially if you're planning on hosting large dinner parties over the holidays.

Air hockey tables are usually white but this one's surface is black and comes with 2 red pushers and 2 red pucks. Although there aren't any reviews on Future Shop's site, two reviewers on Best Buy's website have rated this air hockey table 5/5 stars. You can read the other review on Best Buy's site, but here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

I bought this as a gift. The box is almost a meter long and all wrapped up it had a 'wow' factor to it. Once out of the box, the assembly was easy - took less than 10 minutes before the kids were playing their first game.

This brings me to the next advantage of getting this deal right now: free shipping. Even if you have a large enough car to fit this into if you were to get it in-stores, it's a major benefit, especially for those of you with either small cars or no car at all. Plus, with the ever dropping temperature lately, do you really want to venture out to get this table in-stores? I didn't think so. ;)

It's also the best air hockey deal available anywhere right now. The cheapest air hockey table available at Sears is the Victory 6 one currently on sale for $499.99. Walmart has the Power Play 40" table top air hockey but it's not nearly as big and needs to be played while sitting on the floor. The Franklin zero gravity air hockey table is actually a table (the legs are long enough) and it features the following dimensions: 68.58cm x 81.28cm x 121.92cm.

(Image Credit: Scott Akerman)

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