Jolly Jumper Solarsafe Net for Strollers & Play Yards $12 @ Amazon

Jolly Jumper Solarsafe Net for Strollers & Play Yards $12 @ Amazon

If you plan to spend any time outside with your little one this summer, you really should pick up one of these Jolly Jumper Solarsafe Nets from Amazon. They're just $11.97.

The Jolly Jumper Solarsafe net is big enough to cover strollers and play yards--one commenter even reassures parents of twins that it will cover a double stroller. Although large enough for these things, it's elastic so it easily fits over just a car seat or bouncer, as well.

It protects baby from harmful UVA and UVB rays and keeps pesky insects away from delicate skin! It's easily stored away in a self-storage pouch.

I think this is an absolute must for walks or just days outside. If you're a camper and planning to take the baby along this year, one of these nets would be perfect!

You'll want to add it on to another order to receive free shipping! If it's easier for you to top up an order at Best Buy, they have this same product for just one cent more. It sells for as much as $17.99 everywhere else.

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