Jet Setter Canada: 25% Off EC Adventure Luggage + FREE Shipping

Jet Setter Canada: 25% Off EC Adventure Luggage + FREE Shipping

Every red blooded Canadian wants to Adventure in Eagle Creek but for that you'll need the right luggage from Jet Setter Canada!

I've owned the same set of luggage for years. I think I got the suitcase, or rather it was given to me when I moved out for college, eleven years ago. I think. Maybe it was longer. Anywho, my luggage consists of one medium-sized suitcase that I stuff everything in to. I have a garment bag somewhere for suits but yeah, generally everything goes in my one little suitcase and a backpack if I need more. My wife is a bit better equipped with a expandable medium-sized suitcase and a giant pink monster I could probably live in. It's huge.

Now if I hadn't married my wife, I'd be taking advantage of this sale and grabbing some Eagle Creek Adventure Luggage. There are seven pieces of luggage available at 25% off. They're clearly marked on the page by the red price and are all, except one, over $60 so you get free expedited shipping. For the one item under $60, it's $7 or $8 shipping, depending on which province you live in. If you're in one of the territories it's more. They have a fantastic shipping page if you wanna check.

(Expires: 23rd June 2013)


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