The Intex Inflatabull is on Sale for $49.99!

Are you brave enough to ride this bull?
The Intex Inflatabull is on Sale for $49.99!

Remember the Intex Inflatabull? It's easily one of the best pool floats I've ever seen – and I can't complain about the pun in its name, either. Well, it's back in stock for another summer and already on sale!

Right now, you can pick up the Inflatabull for just $49.99 (from $89.99) at Cabela's. While this isn't the absolute best price we've ever seen it for, it's the lowest you'll find in Canada – so there's no time to waste.

If you've ever seen a mechanical bull and thought "how hard can it be?" but then chickened out at the last minute, this might be exactly what you need to add to your next beach party. Instead of a motorized engine, this inflatable is people-powered. Just have your friends grab hold of the handles and start shaking!

And you don't need to worry about falling and hitting those hard mats or the bull itself, because you'll just land in the water! You just might want to make sure everybody shaking the bull lets go before you fly off.

It has three air chambers and measures 94" x 77" x 31-1/2" (so 238.7 cm x 195.5 cm x 80 cm). It's sturdy enough to support kids or adults, so everybody can take a turn and see who can last the longest.

Cabela's also has a few other Intex floats on sale, including this Double Pillow Back Lounger. It has room for two people to lay back and relax – so it's perfect for the next time you and a friend have to supervise the kids in the pool. It's down to $24.99, so it's $5 off the regular $29.99 price.

Shipping is free when you spend at least $99 and enter the promo code GIFTSFORDAD at checkout, so you may want to stop by the Father's Day Sale to help you reach that minimum spend.

I also just found the Inflatabull for a few dollars cheaper ($46.99) at Walmart Canada, but it's sold and shipped by a third-party seller that charges some pretty hefty delivery fees. When I added it to my cart, they slapped on $70 in shipping charges! So Cabela's is probably still your best bet, but I'll keep an eye out for more deals!

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  • Leann P.

    do you need one of these?

    • Melanie P.

      I think Davin does :joy:

      • Leann P.

        He thought so too.

        • Leann P.

          He thought so too.

        • Melanie R.

          Haha I saw you guys talking about it :joy:

          • Karlee D.

            and please get this!!!!!

            • Alana R.


              • Nancy S.

                Something for your pool?

                • Charmaine J.

                  Haha looks fun!

                  • Nancy S.

                    Something fun for the PCPs.

                  • Wendy U.

                    ! Yeeehaw

                    • Angela F.

                      this has your name all over it.

                      • Krista G.

                        It really should!

                      • Andgie B.


                        • Eurof M.

                          Ok Debbs has to rest 1st though

                        • Silvia S.

                          Hurrell...i think this would me appropriate at the party than the unicorns :hugging:

                          • Natalie H.

                            I thnk you shoudl bring this to pool day in lieu of a appetizer! lol

                            • Ruth C.

                              Right?! Should be under $20

                              • Natalie H.

                                Brjng a friend, split 50/50 Lol

                              • Diane M.

                       need one of these.....LOL

                                • Anita M.

                                  we need this lol

                                  • Christine J.

                                    We do, u try it first

                                  • Marlo J.

                                    I hope you ordered it already!!!

                                    • Leah M.

                                      I am worried about the consequences of us riding this.....

                                      • Karlee D.


                                        • Marlo J.

                                          Zero consequences zero regrets

                                          • Leah M.

                                            My body says otherwise. It tells a tale of remorse and consequence.

                                            • Christine G.

                                              , LA! Cest CA ta besoin a la pond!

                                              • Gisele G.

                                                Hahah omg oui

                                                • Patrick B.

                                                  God yes, it would kill two birds with one stone! Haha I'll buy it if The. Price is right